Destination Wedding in Bhimtal

Find out #20 top reasons why you should plan your destination wedding in Hotel Clarks Nainital!

Wedding in Hotel Clarks NainitalBhimtal known as city of lakes is a perfect gateway for destination wedding owing to it pleasant weather, rich green locations all around, easy accessibility, ringed with popular tourist places around and plenty of tourist attractions and things to do for all ages. Overall wedding in Bhimtal is going to be an amazing event!! Also, it is going to be an urban styled wedding in Bhimtal.

Hotel Clarks Nainital is for Couples who are looking to get hitched in a breathtakingly amazing urban setting!Hotel Clarks Nainital offers Bhimtal destination wedding packages more focused than ever on planning a personalized, memorable experience for their couple, their families & guests, putting their personal spins on tradition. There are plenty of ways for couples to reinvent the traditional wedding ceremony. Some continue the celebration with a sequel wedding, while others host a micro-wedding with a macro-budget.

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Bhimtal Uttarakhand has become #1 destination for couples to host their nuptials in a special place that’s far from home. For destination wedding, majorly 62 percent preferred locations are hill stations. Traditionally, a destination wedding is a ceremony that’s hosted outside of the bride & groom’s hometown, which requires travel for most (if not all) of those involved to spend time and money for their once-in-a-life-time event.

With Hotel Clarks Residences Bhimtal, it’s not surprising that it has become #1 choice for destination wedding in Bhimtal Uttarakhand. While some couples select their location for its sentimental value, others are choosing their wedding city simply because they like it. Maybe because they don’t want to be bothered by anyone on their special occasion, because they want to share the most important day of their life with just a few close people or because they want to get hitched in less theatrical and chaotic way.

Place of myth and mountains.!!

Bhimtal is a magical terrain covered with holy peaks, lakes, waterfalls and rivers. Twisting roads and high-altitude hiking trails lead to spectacular sites. What all you have dreamt for your big day, Bhimtal has it all, from beautiful and modern architecture to amazing cuisine and luxury shopping options. You and your guests will definitely fall in love with the place. Following are reasons to get hitched in Bhimtal.

#1 Perfect for an intimate urban destination wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Bhimtal, you are definitely looking for an intimate wedding which will include only few of your close friends and family members. Already, a destination wedding is one of the best ways to keep your guest list intact and compact. And Hotel Clarks Nainital is perfect for an intimate wedding celebration whether the main wedding or your wedding reception. However, if you are looking for a big fat wedding, Hotel Clarks Residences Bhimtal is able to deliver that too,with large banquets which can accommodate even 600+ wedding guests

#2 Your guests will have an amazing vacation in Bhimtal

Your wedding can actually be a great excuse for all of your wedding guests to take a break from their busy lives and savor a superb holiday in Bhimtal. They will love to enjoy your wedding as it is going to be an economical holiday for them, where food, accommodation and transportation will be taken care of by you. So, it’s a great idea to bring a bit of happiness in your near and dear ones’ lives. Your wedding guests can visit different locations in and around the lake city mainly Bhimtal Lake, Bhimtal, Sattal Lakes, Snow View Point, Kainchi Ashram and savor on Indian cuisine, take food tours, and so much more.

#3 Bhimtal is to host most organized wedding

Your wedding in Bhimtal is going to be an organized affair for one and all, as the Hotel Clarks Nainital is considered one of the organized hotel in the area with the largest room inventory of 60+ rooms.

#4 Place to create great memories for the lifetime

Your destination wedding in Hotel Clarks Nainital will give you enough reasons to have some quality time with your loved ones. You can plan your travel a few days before your wedding so that you and your guests can spend two to four days together. You can enjoy afternoon cocktails, or plan a rehearsal dinner, or maybe a farewell brunch, and many other group activities like paragliding, water sports activities- Rowing Boat, River crossing, Water Zorbing, Trekking, local excursions, etc. This will be the most wonderful time of your life, it will also enable you to create incredible memories of your celebration, which you can cherish all your life.

#5 Bhimtal wedding – A Memorable Wedding in true sense

More often than not, a home wedding has a set pattern of orders, which includes, welcoming guests, greeting, dining, photo sessions, so on and so forth. But with destination wedding in Bhimtal you will truly get an opportunity to experiment and have a great celebration. You will not need to worry about the other things. In fact, you could go as crazy and creative as you like, embrace the local traditions and culture and add even layer to your wedding. Meaning, there’s a lot that you can do at your destination wedding in Hotel Clarks Nainital.

#6 Opportunity to savor on Indian cuisine in Bhimtal

Hotel Clarks Nainital is famous for its multi cuisine restaurant- The Bridge and food . Destination wedding in Bhimtal will give you and your guests a chance to savor on traditional Indian cuisine here. You and your guests can take a food tour here in Bhimtal. Also, you can have some of the Indian dishes in your wedding menu too. Some of the famous foods in Bhimtal are: Fish & chips, Italian Pasta and Pizzas, Pier and Mash, Bangers and Mash, Cockles, Eton Mess, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Truffle Ramen, Fish Tacos, Duck Fat Fries, Vegan Banana Bread, etc. So, your wedding in Hotel Clarks Nainital will give an opportunity to you and your guests to savor on different cuisine.

#7 Wedding in budget

You may find this unbelievable, but trust, a destination wedding besides being super fun, and intimate, it is also a budget friendly. Yes, destination weddings are budget friendly. Of course what all amount you will spend to feed around thousands of your wedding guests, a wedding with 50 to 100 guests, with just main events, some entertainment, and minimal decor in Hotel Clarks Nainital will cost you way too less.

The best part is in Hotel Clarks Nainital,you will be able to receive a lot of freebies like complimentary wedding cake, pick up and drop services, room upgrades (always subject to availability), etc. on your wedding. If you are lucky you can even get the best deals on hotel stay and food.

#8 Wedding in the land of beautiful weather

However, Bhimtal’s weather is known to be pleasant for the major part of the year. The best part is, Bhimtal’s weather is never so extreme as to detract from all the great things to do in the city. The hottest month of the year is normally June with the temperature 90 F (30 C) and the average temperature in June is about 70 F (25 C). The coldest month is usually January when temperatures can sink to around 33 F (1 C).

Bhimtal is a year-round destination, so major attractions are not affected by seasonality. Hence, you can host your wedding in any season in Bhimtal without having to worry about the extremities here. However, May and June are over-crowded months because of huge tourist in the city. So, plan your wedding accordingly. Also, don’t forget to check with your transportation provider before traveling if snow is forecast.

#9 Reason to combine your destination wedding with your honeymoon destination

Bhimtal has always been a honeymooners’ paradise. It is one of the most sought places among newly-weds or honeymooners. So, you can also consider Bhimtal for your honeymoon. Of course, leaving for honeymoon to some other location just after your wedding will be quite hectic. Because already you will be exhausted with your wedding and just next day traveling for one more location is not a nice idea. You two need some time to enjoy each other and Bhimtal is a perfect place to begin your new journey’s celebration.

If you want, you can change your location or hotel, and there is no problem in doing so, as the city is neared by many other beautiful towns to visit. To start your honeymoon, all you need to do is bid adieu to your friends and family and start your honeymoon the day after your wedding. That way you will also save on your logistical stress.

#10 Bhimtal is a place for an absolutely stress free wedding

Getting wed locked in a faraway land with professionally organized wedding from Hotel Clarks Nainital removes the stress which comes along with too many disappointments (which is obvious when there are too many people), with too many preparations, and with too many expectations from others. Also, who so ever you want in your wedding, they are already there, so you don’t need to check on every guests and their accommodation.

By planning your destination wedding in Bhimtal you will eliminate a great deal of stress since the wedding is far away and few guests will be in attendance.

#11 Bhimtal is for unmissable shopping

Famous for its shopping, Bhimtal is truly a shopping paradise for local artifacts, herbs and local delicious . One can get lost in the vibrant cities of Bhimtal. It is an absolutely great place for shopaholic couples especially the brides. Shopaholic brides are much excited when it is about Bhimtal.

#12 A complete package for a great destination wedding

Hotel Clarks Nainital makes for a complete wedding package with its gorgeous rooms, wedding banquets, lively restaurants, distinct and vibrant culture, great shopping, and amazing architecture. Perfect for an idyllic, rich, and unique wedding in an urban setting.

#13 Full of wedding planners and vendors

Planning a wedding anywhere in the India is easier than ever. As destination wedding is becoming famous all around the India, due to which many wedding planners, wedding vendors, and wedding sources are increasing. And, Bhimtal makes it as easy as possible for you. The biggest reason for that is the state tourism and now wedding business has gained popularity, which led to the rise in resources, vendors and wedding planners in Bhimtal. There are many wedding planners in Bhimtal, these agencies can help you find the perfect wedding location in Bhimtal according to your budget, book your reception venue, arrange hotel accommodation for your guests. Also, they ensure that all your and your guests needs are met at all times.

#14 Wedding in an extremely beautiful location

Most importantly, the infrastructure and service standards are class apart in Hotel Clarks Nainital. That’s how you get more value for your money per say. Key is early planning, and doing a great research work well in advance.

#15 Get the best pre-wedding photos

Wedding pictures are for lifetime, and you would also want to have the best wedding pictures. Here in Hotel Clarks Nainital you can take most beautiful photos of your wedding, as the place offers a unique infrastructure. Get your shoot done at Lakes or at snow, or you can have some classy pictures at FRI Museum or maybe at the Bhimtal Lake. The place offer amazingly stunning locations for the pre-wedding shoot.

#16 Bhimtal is to spend fun time with your closed people

Your wedding is essentially about taking some time off and enjoying all the events of your wedding without any stress. And the best part of destination wedding in Bhimtal will be, you and your partner will not need to rush for the wedding ceremonies, greet so many wedding guests, or to stand on stage for long hours, or to keep on receiving gifts and wishes from an ongoing queue of known and unseen relatives, which without a doubt gets excruciatingly tiresome for the couple. While getting hitched in Hotel Clarks Nainital you and your guests will have the luxury of time and you would be able to spend fun time together.

#17 Venues with breathtaking settings

There’s something really special about getting hitched in Hotel Clarks Nainital, and if you have always dreamt of tying knot in the hill station then you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect Bhimtal wedding venue HOtel Clarks Residences offers venues with an exceptional and superb panoramas, making it a perfect destination for your wedding. The lake city of Bhimtal has a little bit of everything, from serene lakes, snow grasslands and perfectly open wedding venues. Wedding venues in Bhimtal at Hotel Clarks Residences could leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, believe you me, choose any location it’s going to be an extraordinary experience for you and your wedding guests in Bhimtal.

#18 Your guests will never forget your wedding in Bhimtal

Your wedding guests will never forget your truly special wedding in Hotel Clarks Nainital. Destination wedding in Bhimtal will give your wedding guests and loved ones the opportunity to escape their everyday lives and enjoy the celebration. Whether your wedding is a two-day event or a week, your wedding gives them something to look forward to. Your wedding in Hotel Clarks Nainital will be a reason to holiday for your wedding guests. They will plan everything from their clothes to their itinerary, while you handle the logistics and bookings. They will have all the fun of a vacation at your wedding that will include food, drink, parties, and friends” without having to worry about anything else in the world.

#19 Bhimtal is easily accessible

Bhimtal is amongst some easily accessible hill station in India. As, it offers some of the best connections within India from all major cities-Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune , whether by air, rail, or road. The easy connectivity of the state not only make life far easier for your guests to attend, but also the availability and affordability of transport makes scheduling meetings and visiting venue prior to the wedding far easier. Pantnagar Airport & Delhi airport are nearest airports in Bhimtal

#20 Offer great wedding venue choices

Hotel Clarks Nainital is home to great wedding venues. Whether you wish to marry in a five star property or in some quirky location, Hotel Clarks offers 60+ rooms, large banquets, open terraces, opening lawn space. The place can easily accommodate any type of wedding and any style of wedding in your budget. Most importantly, the place has it all to make your wedding a unique experience for one and all.

Wedding in Hotel Clarks Nainital gives you an opportunity to celebrate your pre-wedding rituals and functions here. There is most suitable place to conduct your pre-wedding rituals in Bhimtal!! Nothing could be better than stating your pre-wedding bash in the state. It offers so much that you can make your bachelor/bachelorette party or stag/hens or pre-wedding rituals as memorable as your wedding itself.

Hotel Clarks Nainital gives couples the best opportunity to host the most romantic, luxurious and luscious wedding of the season!!

You can get customized Hotel Clarks Nainital wedding packages, all you need to do is contact our wedding experts at +91 7669 916 145 or write us on charms and perks of destination wedding in Hotel Clarks Nainital will make your big day completely worthwhile.